Methods of Preventing Slow Hair Growth and Sudden Hair Loss


Sudden hair loss can be a problem for the individual who experiences it. Because it comes quickly and most times without any warnings, it may cause stress and lower a person’s self- esteem. While reversing hair loss can be impossible, there are ways to make hair regrow depending on what caused the sudden hair loss in the first place.

  1.    Maintain a balanced diet

Keeping your meals balanced and eating healthy always is a great way to help you not only live healthy lives but also maintain the hair on your head. In a balanced meal, the body can get the nutrition it requires in healthy portions.  If you are taking supplements, remember not to include too much of the supplement in your diet so that you do not overdo it.

  1.    Treat and avoid getting into eating disorders

When a person is suffering from eating disorders particularly bulimia and anorexia, which do not allow them to get proper nutrition by not eating or by vomiting what one has eaten, hair loss is a significant issue. The lack of adequate nutrition will cause the individual to lose hair on their heads and other parts of the body among other health issues that will come as a result of lack of proper nutrition to the body.

  1.    Practice good hair care

Trying to make your hair look neat and presentable and doing whatever it takes to achieve that is not bad at all. It is however not recommended that you apply an excess amount of heat to your hair. Blow-drying your hair causes the water on your hair to boil wakening the hair roots and making hair prone to breakage. To prevent this ensure you use moderate heat and excess heat only when it is necessary. Use FAST Shampoo hair growth shampoo to get your hair back.

In styling your hair ensure you do not hold your hair too tightly and that your hairdresser does not braid or weave your hair too tightly to prevent hair from being pulled out of your scalp. Ensure that when braided or weaved, you apply oil to your scalp to avoid drying and do not keep the synthetic hair on your head for longer than you have to.

  1.    Avoid stress

Stress has been found to be the number one cause of hair loss among both men and women of all ages even adolescents and young children. To ensure that you do not experience sudden hair loss, ensure that you are well rested by sleeping at least 8 hours a day and that you practice stress-relieving practices such as yoga, exercising and breathing techniques that will help you relieve stress.

  1.    Result to wigs

In conjunction to fast hair growth shampoo, consider wearing wigs. In the case of certain diabetes drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation in the case of cancer treatment. In these cases, hair loss is sudden and may result in an individual losing their self- esteem and feeling worthless or even sicklier. In such cases, before the treatment is over a person may have to resort to hair wigs and other cosmetic remedies that will disguise the hair loss.

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