How Can I Protect My Eyes From Mobile Screen? 


Are you searching for ways to protect your eyes from the mobile screen? Are your eyes tired from staring at your mobile phone’s screen for a long time? Do you want actionable tips to protect your eyes from fatigue and other issues usually caused by the mobile screen? Do not stress out; this write-up, in addition to your optometrist’s advice, will help you prevent eye strain and fatigue.

The advancement in technology has its downsides, primarily when it is not managed wisely. The fact that smartphones are commonplace does not mean you should hurt your eyes. Regardless of visiting your optometrist regularly, you can hurt your eyes if you do not manage the use of your mobile phones wisely. Staring endlessly at your mobile screen can cause dry eyes, tired or itchy eyes, blurred vision, and headaches, among others. So, here are ways to protect your eyes from the mobile screen.

  1. Blink Often

Blinking frequently when reading on your e-reader or mobile phone will keep your eyes moist. It will also prevent dry eye and irritation. When reading on the mobile screen, many people usually forget to blink, and that ends up starving the eyes of the protective tears that should keep the eyes moist. Ensure that you blink as often as possible whenever you are working or reading on your smartphone.

  1. Adjust Brightness

You, unavoidably, have to adjust the brightness of your mobile phone to prevent stressing out your eyes. Making your mobile screen too dark or too bright will make you uncomfortable when reading or using your mobile phone. To avoid this issue, you should set your screen brightness to the level of light around you. As a result, you will not be unnecessarily stressed out.

  1. Take Frequent Breaks

Do not get carried away by what you are reading on your smartphone or mobile phone to forget to take a break for the sake of your eyes. Regardless of how engrossed you are, take a break from your mobile screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds by looking at something about 20 feet away. This will allow the muscles of your eyes to relax.

  1. Hold Your Mobile Phone Farther Away

Holding your mobile phone too close is harmful to your eyes. Keep it farther away from you to minimize the amount of glare that enters your eyes. Hold your mobile phone at least 16 inches away from your face to prevent eye fatigue.

  1. Adjust Text Size and Contrast

You do not have to squint before you see clearly when you are using your smartphone. Adjust the text size and contrast to ensure that you see the screen easily. You would be able to read textual content easily.

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