High-Paying Jobs, You Can Get With A Bachelor’s Degree


The biggest aim of undergoing a five-figure undergraduate education is to get a job with a big salary. Below is a compiled selection of high-paying jobs that typically require a bachelors degree in sciences including an estimation of their salaries?


Working as an accountant brings you into close contact with money. Considering this aspect one would thinks that, “you’ve got to work with money in order to make money.” Moreover, big salaries are not only reserved for the top bankers and financial advisors. You can still make money even at the bottom of the financial career pool.

For a career as an accountant, you will need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. Similarly, many graduates choose to gain extra training in the field to become qualified CPAs. Extra training also puts one in a subsequent position to earn a sizeable income increase without sweating it out in a graduate degree. However, a degree in accounting or finance will kit you out for an entry-level role in the accounting industry.

Computer Programming

The fast-paced world of computer technology and increasing dominance of IT skills makes IT professionals more sought than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics 2017, the average salary of a computer programmer stood at $82,240. The NACE Salary Survey observed that the starting salary of computer science graduates reached an average of $66,005.

Computer programmers earn an average of £30,779 depending on the hiring industry. Employers at blue-chip pay the largest sums.  Other high-paying jobs within the IT sector include web development earning a median salary of $67,990 in the US, network architecture with a salary of $104,650 and software development earning $103,560.


According to 2018 data compiled by NACE, engineering is one of the five highest-paid degree subjects. Thus, engineering is a consistently high paying job sector. NACE also observed software engineering graduates earn the highest starting salaries of the engineering branches considered, at $70,073. In the UK, the starting salary for engineering graduates is £25,000. Chemical engineering is the most lucrative engineering field in the UK, with an average starting salary of £27,696. Other lucrative graduate jobs include computer engineering with a starting salary of $69,510, chemical engineering earning $68,764, electrical engineering earning $67,358 and mechanical engineering earning $66,659.

Management Consultant

To become a management consultant you only need an undergraduate degree from the University of Phoenix. With an undergraduate degree, you get your footing the door and likely to get a nice starting salary. Management consultancy is a top paying industry in the U.S, according to NACE’s 2018 Salary Survey. New hires earn $67,569, while consultants of all levels earn a median pay of $82,450 annually. Notably, predictions indicate that employment rates in the US are expected to grow at an approximate rate of 14 percent over the next eight years.

According to Prospects, the starting salary for consultants in UK averages between £25,000 and £30,000 annually. With further training and if you attend the best schools like the University of Phoenix, an average work experience of five years, the salary scales up to approximate annual average of £50,000.


Even though higher-level positions within the medical sector may be out of reach with just a bachelor’s degree, nursing careers offer fairy surprising pay packets. Entry-level nurses in the US earn around $48,690. Healthcare administration graduates earn more at an average of $55,200 as projected by NACE. However, nursing in the US is expected to grow by 15 percent, much faster than other occupations over the next eight years. In the UK, the differentiation in the medical industry is clear. Newly graduating nurses expect to earn a reasonable starting salary of £22,000-£28,500 ($31,300-40,600).

Public Relations Manager

Graduate careers in public relations can be lucrative. According to Bureau of Labour Statistics, specialist roles in the US earn a median salary of $53,241 and management roles boast a hefty median salary of $111,280. Projection by NACE Salary Survey of 2018 reported that communications graduates earn an average of $51,448. In the UK, public relations executives and assistants earn an average of £20,300, PR officers earn between £22,000 and £28,000 and managers earn an upward of £35,525.

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