Human Growth Hormone is produced in the anterior pituitary gland and is responsible for all most all the cell growth in your body; it is responsible for retaining the youthfulness. As you grow older the level of HGH in your body reduces leading to aging and age related ailments like osteoporosis, sexual impotency, loss of stamina, rise in the cholesterol level, poor digestion etc.

Today you have a synthetic Human Growth Hormone which helps you to generate new cells naturally thus helping you to retain your youthfulness. These come in the form of injection, spray and pills. Sytropin, GenF20 and HGH Energizer are some of the HGH Products.

Abuse of the GH injection has lead to many unwarranted side effects, though most of the homeopathic growth hormones and growth hormone releasers have not shown any evidence of side effects. There is a vast difference between replacing a growth hormone to supplementing a growth hormone.

Side effects where Human Growth Hormones are replaced:

In case of replacement the growth hormone injection is injected into your body:

1] Due to the injection the pituitary gland may shut down the natural production of this hormone in the body.

2] Due to unnatural level of the hormone in the body which is above 500ng/ml you run a risk of developing certain ailments like Edema, Arthritis etc. Using less amount of HGH will decrease the permanent side effects that can be caused due to the rise in the abnormal level of this hormone in your body; you should always monitor and follow the instructions properly. You can opt for the HGH supplement if your body does not generate this hormone naturally.

Side effects due to the supplementation of the Human Growth Hormone:

HGH supplements help stimulate the pituitary glands to generate more of this growth hormone by taking homeopathic supplementation in the form of GH and GH releasers or by helping the liver to generate more growth cells. People suffering from diabetes or for that matter people who are on the borderline of diabetes, children as well as teenagers who have not completed their bone growth are advised against the use of these supplements as GH releasers are based on amino acids which are not suitable for them. Even pregnant and lactating women and cancer patients are also refrained from using GH releasers.

Homeopathic GH, precursors and GH releasers like Styropin have so far not caused the pituitary glands to stop generating new cell growth as there is no foreign element introduced into the body at the same time you need to understand that growth hormone supplements are rendered useless in case the pituitary gland does not generate new growth hormones or for that matter even if it generates little growth hormones this growth hormone supplementation is useless.

What ever may be the reason Sytropin is the HGH spray that is recommended by medical practitioners as they don’t have any side effects as compared to the health risks in case of growth hormone injections.

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