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In order to accompany the elderly when their family or loved ones cannot be present, the virtual tool of Cali origin was born, through which you can find suitable people who, safely, accompany the elderly to carry out the activities that they need. Senior Connex is a Social, Health, and Safety Platform for seniors.

Tips on how to care for an elderly person at our platform:

  • Performs a diagnosis of the needs of the elderly

The first thing you should do is list the needs of the older person you are in charge of, as well as the resources you will have to deal with. Once enumerated, you will have to proceed to elaborate a realistic action plan of what each family member can contribute. In the same way, you will also have to look for the means and the necessary people to facilitate the process.

  • Keep a record of medications

The elderly is common to consume several medications and may get confused and double your dose. On the other hand, there is a tendency towards self-medication, a tremendously dangerous fact. We recommend that you keep a daily control of each medication in a notebook or logbook and use controlled pillboxes.

  • Create a balanced diet

In advanced age, there is a tendency to consume less food since these are of only one type. It is recommended to take a balanced diet to prevent any health problems in addition to helping your relative to strengthen physically and mentally.

  • Take care of your personal hygiene

The hygiene in the elderly is very important for disease prevention and thus stimulate the habits of a healthy lifestyle. With good hygiene we get the following:

  • We maintain the cleanliness of the patient, avoiding bad odors.
  • Good hygienic habits.
  • We promote the self-esteem of the patient with care.

  • Help him stay physically and cognitively active

We must prevent immobility and memory disorders. We can promote the activity with a simple daily walk, hobbies or activities within the home that motivate your family member to continue with an active and healthy life. Memory tends to decline with age, that is why we must help them to have tools to stimulate their mind.

  • Help him stay socially connected

It is important to promote socialization with our family members and allow interaction not only with the family but with close circles of friends. This will help them to continue living a quality life and will give them the opportunity to establish new goals, new interests, and lifestyles in order to feel fulfilled.

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