Getting An Onsite PPD TB Test Done


Tuberculosis or TB affects the lungs through bloodstream and lymph nodes. TB can be transmittable because it is airborne. However, a latent TB is not contagious but can be dangerous for people with low immunity. Hence, many organizations do onsite TB testing for their employees to ensure that they are healthy and do no spread the disease to others.

Type Of TB Tests

A TB skin test is the most popular test that is done to determine whether a person has TB or not. This TB test is known as PPD or tuberculin that can be done anywhere. Medical centers offer onsite TB testing services in schools or other educational institutions at the most reasonable cost. They also customize the tests according to the needs of the employers. 

Know About PPD Test

A PPD test has been the oldest test that is used to diagnose TB. It is easily accessible, cost effective and can be done anywhere; this means one need not visit a medical center to get this test done. However, like any other test, PPD can also give a false result. This happens when the person has already got a BCG shot or has latent TB. In such a case, further tests are done to get the right result. It takes about 48-72 hours for the tests to get completed, and hence, you may require to at least have two visits to complete it. This test is also done as part of the employment policy or travel requirement. 

Treatment Of TB After Positive Result

In case the result is positive for TB, it can be treated according to the severity of the condition of the patient. However, today, TB can easily be cured with the help of a set course of medication. This course needs to be completed and cannot be stopped in the middle as the condition may get aggravated and becomes dangerous. 

Medical Centers Providing Onsite TB Testing Services

Many medical centers have packages for schools, educational institutions, and companies for onsite TB testing services. These centers can be contacted on their website or through phone or email. They will ensure that their lab technician will visit your premises to do all the tests. They can also customize the package according to your needs. They also perform other tests such as drug screening test, flu vaccination, etc. at most reasonable costs. 


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