Factors that assure the success of weight loss surgery


The reshape balloon inDubai has become quite popular for people with overweight who have failed to shed weight from diet and exercise alone. A gastric balloon procedure consists of a soft silicone balloon which is inserted into the stomach. This balloon covers most of the stomach space which leads to a feeling of fullness. It is a temporary process and the balloon is removed after 6 months. It is considered the safest and most effective way of losing weight.

It is seen that most patients that undergo weight-loss surgery Dubai lose between 50-70% of their excess body weight gaining natural long-term weight loss. An individual must make important lifestyle changes to ensure that the weight loss is maintained. There are many factors that have an impact on weight loss and are also responsible for the treatment’s success. Here are some important factors to consider:

Pre-surgery Weight

It is considered that the person who is overweight before the surgery loses more extra weight after the weight loss surgery than moderate weight people. People having less excess weight will not lose much but will eventually come closer to their ideal weight. The results will only be reached when committed to a long-term diet and exercise routine. However, both overweight people and people with a moderate weight will get to see the improvements in obesity-related diseases.

Overall Health

A person’s pre-surgery health condition is a major factor behind the success of a weight loss surgery.  A person having no previous health condition tends to lose more excess weight. Other than this, when an obese person undergoes the surgery procedure his many health conditions related to obesity improves or either they go into remission and may appear back again. But more than half cases have their health problems resolved permanently. Health condition which improves greatly is depression, back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure., Also, there is a significant loss of excess weight.

Surgical Procedure

You might be knowing that the surgical procedure for weight loss carries risks and complications. So, an individual should always look for a reliable surgeon and trusted staff. Potential patients can research the surgeon they have chosen. They can ask about their success rates and meet their previous patients who have undergone the surgery. Their experience will help you in deciding the best for you. Although weight loss surgery success highly depends on the care and your commitment post-surgery.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are two essential components needed for an effective weight loss plan. After the surgery, one must follow a strict routine of exercising and dieting. Those who have the physical strength to exercise are more likely to lose weight and meet their desired goals. Patients must make healthy eating and exercise a part of their daily routine throughout their lives.


A nutritional expert will give you a dietary guideline and exercise regimen to stick with. You must follow their plan with being committed and not neglecting it. You should pay attention to the follow-up care seriously to gain an immediate weight loss along with maintaining it for a long term.


Motivation plays an important role in the success of weight loss surgery. Motivation cheers them up and boosts them to lose weight and attach to a commitment of diet and exercise. This helps them experience greater levels of success. They follow the procedure with a strong will and find amazing results overnight. But it is also essential to remember that results take time and it can take years to reach your desired weight. Most people did not find themselves severely obese overnight. An individual must keep patience and stay motivated to enjoy long-term effective results.


The prospective patients may need a strong support from their friends, family, and colleagues. This is because they will have to stay at rest for some time not taking part in the daily activities. So, they must make sure everyone is in their support before undergoing weight loss surgery. The support is also important for them to keep them committed to a diet and exercise routine.

For overweight people, weight loss not only puts an end to many health concerns, but it also improves the quality of life. Reshape balloon helps keep the weight off for those who are unable to shed pounds through diet and exercise alone.

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