Everything You Should Know About Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling


Chronic pain and tendonitis are surely nagging and stressful conditions. They affect your movements and you almost dependent. Getting quality and quick treatment once you discover you have chronic tendonitis, you should get a qualified specialist to evaluate the issue and prescribe the most suitable treatment. Ultrasound-guided dry needling is slowly becoming one of the most popular and dominant technologies for treating tendonitis and chronic pain conditions. If you just about this technology for the first time, here is everything you need to know.

What Actually Is Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling

It is a highly potent treatment solution for musculoskeletal conditions that has gained so much popularity over the last few years.  It is slowly replacing the standard and conventional tendinopathy treatments consider it outsmarts all of them when it comes to effectiveness and potency. It also does not generate as much pain as other the traditional treatments do. As the name implies, this treatment method entails the use of solid filiform needles to assist in minimizing the pain triggered to the tendons and muscles.  It does require using a dry needle instead of a medicated or injected needle. The needle usually inserted into the tendons and muscles through the skin.  It is one of the most accurate and effective treatments that’s currently available.

Conditions That Can Be Treated Using Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling

Ultrasound-guided dry needling is a common and widespread technology for treating common chronic pain related disorders. It is widely used in modern medical clinics to aid in the treatment of multiple types of musculoskeletal injuries. Among the common conditions that may require the prescription of ultrasound-guided dry needling are sciatic syndrome, shin splints, lower back pain, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis, repetitive overuse injuries, headaches, patellofemoral pain, knee pain, whiplash symptoms, neck pain, chronic pain, shoulder pain,and golfer’s elbow. That does not, however, mean that when you suffer from any of these conditions, you will eligible for an ultrasound-guided dry needling. When you visit your preferred clinic in NYC that offers ultrasound guided dry needling treatments, you will get to know if you qualify for such treatments.


Though not a new technology, ultrasound-guided dry needling is not offered by most clinics in New York City. Even with the limited number of clinics that offer this kind of treatment, some of the clinics don’t have qualified and certified specialists who are really good in this area. In the process of selecting the right, it will be important you look out for established and reputed clinics such as nydnrehab.com/treatment-methods/ultrasound-guided-dry-needling-in-new-york-city/. Here, you are going to meet real specialists who don’t have the qualifications but also have the passion to deliver quality treatments that match and exceed the special preferences and needs of their customers. When you check their past service records, you will agree with me that it is one of its kind clinics in New York City that will rest at nothing to make sure that they deliver beyond customer expectations to ensure each of those they serve ends up happy and fully satisfied.

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