Why You Should Have an Employee Dental Plan NJ


An employee dental plan NJ and regular dental care are the pillars of good oral health. Unfortunately, many companies don’t consider employee dental plans as important compared to medical coverage. When it comes to employee benefits, an employee dental plan NJ is always at the bottom of the list. However, the results from a 2018 workforce survey indicated that almost 80 percent of the participants believed offering benefits to employees is important to attract talent.

Talent has become scarce in most industries and you have to do everything possible for your business to remain competitive. This means creating employee benefit packages that have unique perks such as medical, ancillary, and wellness benefits. Although this may seem expensive for your business, you can easily find an affordable employee dental plan NJ.

5 Advantages of Having an Employee Dental Plan NJ

Attract and retain your employees

Employees are the heart of your business and they are essential for the success of your business. By offering an employee dental plan NJ, you will attract and also retain qualified candidates, and also keep your employees happy.

Keep your employees healthy

If you don’t have an employee dental plan NJ, there is a high chance that most of your employees don’t have private dental coverage, and such employees are more likely to avoid routine dental checkups. When your staff fails to visit dental care providers on a regular basis, they may not be able to discover dental problems early and when they do, the cost of dental procedures will be too high and they will take longer to recover. This means they will miss more time at work. In fact, the NCBI has noted that over 40 million hours every year are lost due to dental problems. Healthy employees equal to less sick days which means more productivity.

You get a tax advantage by offering dental benefits

By offering dental benefits to your employees, you can deduct 100 percent of the employee dental plan NJ costs as a business expense. Have a sit down with your CPA to determine whether offering an employee dental plan NJ will create a tax advantage for your business.

Boost morale

Offering an employee dental plan NJ will show that you care about your employees. This will boost their morale by keeping them happier and healthier. Happy employees equate to less turnover for your business.

Employee dental plans are flexible and affordable

There are several dental insurance carriers that can fit your needs and budget. A typical traditional dental insurance plan will provide preventive and basic coverage which include annual check-ups, exams, and routine cleanings.

Types of Employee Dental Plans in NJ

Dental PPO plans: Although these plans are a bit expensive, they’ll give your employees some options when choosing dental care, for example, the dental care provider they want to visit.

DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization): While this option is more affordable, it will restrict your employees to a limited number of dental professionals.

Employee dental discount plans: This employee dental plan NJ is a more affordable option for your business. Although they aren’t insurance, they are what a dental insurance plan should be, and this explains why they have become very common all over the country. With a group discount dental plan, you will only pay a low annual rate and get access to significant discounts ranging between 20 to 50 percent from the in-network dentists.

There’s no doubt that an employee dental plan NJ can help improve your bottom line. To get an affordable employee dental plan NJ, visit DentalSave today or call 800.580.1530 and start saving.

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