Drug Addiction & Mental Health Disorders


Anthem Blue Cross Drug Rehab benefits vary, depending on the plan- will need to check with your individual policy to recognize any stipulations.This is because prolonged drug and alcohol abuse can actually mess up your brain’s normal activity, almost as if you were reprogramming your brain. Drug and alcohol abuse can also stem from mental health concerns. Due to covering up symptoms with a temporary solution, the main cause usually goes unresolved. This can lead to even more problems further down the line.

Leaving An Addiction Untreated

Addiction is considered a disease and should be treated as such. The American Medical Association and the American Society of Addictive Medicine recognize it as a mental health disease. If you had a disease in your body, would you seek treatment? A disease of your mind also needs to be treated. The causes of this disease are biological, environmental and partially genetic.

Your brain releases certain chemicals when something makes you happy. These chemicals make you feel good. You might experience this when you eat, drink, or have other basic needs met. After drug or alcohol abuse, these normal pathways begin to change. Imagine a straight road from your brain to the center of your body. After drug and alcohol abuse, this straight road becomes turned and twisted or even shut down altogether. Addiction makes your body crave the substance in order to keep the road straight.

Why People Aren’t Likely to Change on Their Own

People with substance abuse disorders often have these changed chemical pathways that make them less able to make rational life-altering decisions. They are often at the mercy of their addiction.

Rehab With Insurance

The price tag on a rehab center might be an immediate turn off for people seeking recovery. This may cause many people to put off treatment and in turn, prolong the effects of their addiction. Another factor to consider is that not all rehab centers are created equally. There are outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation centers. Normally, inpatient centers are more expensive than outpatient because you are living on the grounds. You may also be concerned because you or your family member has also been diagnosed with other underlying health problems associated with the addiction. When selecting an insurance provider and policy, these are areas you’ll want to pay closer attention to. Insurance companies cover different options and these options can vary dramatically. Insurance representatives can help you navigate through the different policies and choose one that will help you or your family member best.

Anthem Blue Cross

If you, a family member, or a loved one has looked into substance abuse treatment options, you may have noticed that one of the first topics to arise is insurance coverage. Insurance coverage can be a tricky sea to maneuver. Policies can often be long, complicated and difficult to understand; however, one of the most popular insurance companies in the United States can make it a little easier for you. This insurance company believes that mental health is just as important as your physical health. This will become apparent if you ever need help with their policies or call to speak to someone to help you find the best facilities in your area. The parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield is Anthem, the insurance company we are talking about. You may have never heard of their name specifically, but they provide coverage for over 70 million Americans. Anthem Blue Cross rehab options are quite extensive, including covering some treatments of some illnesses that may have led to or been a result of an addiction.

See below for more information on Anthem and what it provides it’s policyholders.

What Is Anthem’s Rehab Coverage?

Anthem provides rehab coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. However, you will need to check with your individual policy to recognize any stipulations. Anthem is partnered with the Affordable Care Act for providing some rehab services. Anthem has a wonderful motto: personal health and mental health should be tended to in the same manner. So, they are often more generous in their mental health coverage plans, alongside their rehab options.

Anthem is great at setting you up with a rehab, will work within budget, and has a great team of professionals.. However, with most insurance plans, you will have copays and fees. Extra expenses, like deductibles will always vary based on what plan you have. It is always a good idea to review your plan prior to finalizing any treatment options. To qualify for insurance coverage for some rehabs and other facilities, Anthem usually needs to conduct a review prior to admission.

What Is Anthem’s Mental Health Coverage?

Anthem knows that mental health is important. They also make obtaining information about what your policy covers a little bit easier with personalized Care Managers. Care Managers are experts on your policy and can discuss any concerns you might have. They will get you connected to the services and facilities covered by your plan. When signed up with Anthem, you will be able to go to highly skilled mental health professionals and behavioral therapists. Some facilities, for example, only work with policyholders from Anthem, facilitating individualized specialty care.

What Is Anthem’s Behavioral Health Coverage?

As mentioned before, Anthem views mental health as just as important as physical health. We also know that people can experience mental health problems in regards to substance abuse. So, having a plan with the best of both worlds is the best option. If a policyholder needs more information about their behavioral health coverage, they will be connected to a Behavioral Health Manager, which as similar to the Care Managers. These team members will help them navigate the policy and take them through their options. This part of the insurance policy can have policyholders be held for a review. If passed, this can allow them to have access to substance abuse rehabs and other mental health services.

Seek treatment options today and get in touch with a Care Manager to start creating your individualized plan.

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