What are the different types of meditation which you can do to keep yourself active and healthy


If you don’t stay healthy and fit you will catch various diseases. So it is very important to stay healthy and fit. Not only body, the mind also requires staying fit and active. Stress often puts a man’s mind in a bad state. So you must get relief from stress. Meditation is a good way to do so. It will make you active and healthy also. There is various type of meditations which you can perform for staying active and healthy.  You can follow the advice of the experts in doing this. Moreover, you can follow various blogs and pages. One such blog is Robert St Thomas.

Types of meditation and its effectiveness in staying fit and active

  • Meditation for concentration- This helps you in teaching the way to focus your mind. It’s the source of other types of meditation. This will make you feel relax and tension free.
  • Heart-centred meditation- Heart-centred meditation brings awareness to the heart by quieting the mind. This will also bring an energy chart in the middle portion of the chest.
  • Mindfulness meditation- To achieve a state of calm you need to focus your negative thought and get away with it. This is the only way of keeping your mind active in order to lead a healthy and active life. Mindfulness meditation encourages you in focusing objectively on your negative thoughts.
  • Transcendental meditation- This kind of meditation involves repeating word, phrase or mantra to make your thoughts quiet. It will help you in achieving greater awareness.
  • Walking meditation. It will help you in focusing on both mind and body while you breathe in time with your footsteps.

Engage yourself in doing meditation for a certain amount of time regularly for keeping your mind active. This will automatically keep you active and healthy.

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