This is the difference between occupational and physical therapy


Many people can find themselves in a position to benefit from physical or occupational therapy. This can happen after illness, injury, or as people get older. Some people also get proactive therapy to avoid potential problems down the line such as carpel tunnel.

Do you know whether you’ll benefit most from occupational or physical therapy? Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between them:

The Short Answer

What’s the difference between occupational physical therapy? The short answer is that an occupational therapist can help you with the activities of daily living. Meanwhile, a wisconsin physical therapy works on improving or restoring movement. Another way to look at this is fine motor skills versus larger motions of the body.

What is the Goal of Occupational Therapy?

An occupational therapist’s goal is to get you back to your daily tasks, at least as much as you are able to. They may suggest practice activities for rebuilding motor skills or brainstorm ways for you to work around a problem. For example, if you struggle with buttons, they can help you come up with other clothing options that are appropriate for your daily life.

What is the Goal of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is focused on getting your body back into good functional order. Your physical therapist will help you reduce pain, increase strength, and broaden your range of motion. Just like with occupational therapy, this treatment will be customized to fit your goals and needs. For instance, if you have a sports injury, your physical therapist may prescribe specialized ankle strengthening exercises for you to do every day.

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