If You Have Diabetes, You Are More Vulnerable to Erection Dysfunction



If you have diabetes and you are a man, you are three times at more risk of having problems with sex compared to men who do not have diabetes. The sexual problem that is most common is Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence or ED. The worst matter of having erectile dysfunction is that men feel embarrassed to consult with a doctor or to discuss the matter with anyone, and the problem remains unaddressed forever.


But the good news is amongst the many complications of diabetes; erectile dysfunction is curable. Over 95% of men can be treated successfully if they have erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. So, you and your partner don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction problems.


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse is erectile dysfunction. It is true that with age the vigor for sex declines, but if a man can maintain good health, both emotionally and physically, he will be able to produce an erection and enjoy his sex life even when he ages. Erection dysfunction is not directly related to the aging process.


How Diabetes Causes Erection Dysfunction?

For a sexual response, man has various body functions to work properly altogether, such as hormones, psyche, blood vessels, and nerves. When you have diabetes, and even when you are under treatment, many of these functions can get affected.


  • Hormones: Kidney disease often happens in a person with diabetes, which in turn causes chemical changes in a body, including hormones responsible for sexual response.


  • Psyche: Sex drive is diminished when one has psychological issues, but it can also cause ED even when one has a sex drive.


  • Blood Vessels: Diabetes destroys blood vessels, and mainly the small blood vessels, such as blood vessels in the penis.


  • Nerves: Nerve damage is one of the most common complications from diabetes. The sympathetic nervous system controls ejaculation and orgasm, and parasympathetic nervous system controls erection.


  • Medications: Drugs causes around twenty-five percent of ED problems. Many medicines including medicines prescribed for diabetes and their complications can cause diabetes.


Erection dysfunction can be easily treated. Visit a doctor and take his/her suggestions. Also, for more information about ED, you can visit the website https://activ-homme.com.

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