Dealing With Surrogacy and IVF – A Guide That Matters


Couples dealing with infertility often have mental trauma and emotional pressure. However, this doesn’t have to last, as modern medicine offers many choices for treatments. Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard of surrogacy and IVF. In this post, we will try to talk about both and how these two choices can be interrelated, starting with IVF first.

Knowing IVF

Many couples cannot get pregnant naturally, owing to a number of infertility issues. In a number of cases, options like artificial insemination and hormonal treatments don’t work, and that’s where IVF comes in. IVF is basically the procedure, where the eggs from the woman are retrieved and fertilized with sperm of the man in a lab to form embryos. These embryos are then placed back in the uterus of the woman to continue the contraception and pregnancy. IVF is an expensive and very long procedure, which requires patience, money and definitely the expertise of doctors and IVF experts. There are some known clinics, like IVF-Sunrise, that offer great services, both for IVF and surrogacy.


Knowing surrogacy

Some women just don’t have the requisites to bear a child, and that’s where a surrogate mother can be chosen to deliver baby. The nature of surrogacy can vary. In some cases, the surrogate is artificially inseminated to get pregnant, while in others, the embryos formed from IVF are placed in the uterus of the surrogate for continuing pregnancy. Both are very different forms of surrogacy known as traditional and gestational surrogacy respectively. Many single men, gay men, single mothers and even married couples opt for traditional surrogacy as an option. However, when it comes to IVF-involved surrogacy, the costs and risks can increase.

Factors that matter

There are some countries, where the surrogacy laws and other legal issues with surrogacy are relaxed, like Russia. However, before you head to such places, you need to find a clinic that’s well known and can offer the right kind of assistance. In most cases, IVF is the final and often the last choice for couples, so it is best to be ensured that other treatments and procedures aren’t a solution. The clinic chosen should be able to offer a good database of sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogates, and they must be able to offer a complete guide to the process.

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