How Is DBT Different From CBT?


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is one of the most widely practiced psychotherapy performed nowadays. It is the basic focus is on helping people understand and learn their thoughts color and how they can actually change their behaviors and feelings. CBT is usually goal-focused and time-limited as most of the psychotherapists practice it in all over the world. In this article, we will learn about various factors of how DBT is different from CBT.

  • DBT is a specific form of CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. DBT is building upon the foundation of CBT as it helps to enhance the effectiveness and focus on specific concerns. The psychologist Marsha Linehan has found some deficits in CBT and to deal with it developed DBT.
  • DBT lay emphasis on the psychological aspects of the treatment, the way a person interacts with others in various environment and relationships. While some people react to a situation in a more intense way, others deal with it calmly.
  • Both the concept of DBT and CBT can explore an individual’s past or history, thereby helping the individual to understand the current situation. Now, which therapy will best suit you depends on your therapist as he is an expert in the field.
  • CBT basically deals with anxiety, substance abuse, depression, etc. whereas DBT skills help in treating suicidal or self-harm motives with complex difficulties in life.
  • CBT is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy while DBT is a long-term process as it requires time to heal.
  • While CBT helps people to identify, re-organize and analyze unhealthy and negative thoughts. DBT focuses on building positive interpersonal relationships, accepting the reality, stress management, proper control of emotions, etc.

Both CBT and DBT are two major therapies that are used in Psychotherapy to make patients aware of their weaknesses, potentials, enhance the capacity to face challenges, etc.


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