CrossFit for Dummies



CrossFit has been everywhere these days. If you are surrounded by people who are gym enthusiasts, then you may have come across the word CrossFit. If you feel that you are intrigued by such a program, there are Livermore CrossFit box which offers a great CrossFit program which can complement your fitness needs. To introduce, CrossFit is a training program wherein its philosophy is to coach people of all shapes and sizes to make them enhance their physical well-being and their cardiovascular fitness in hardcore but in an accepting and encouraging environment. CrossFit builds the strength and condition of a person’s body through an extreme, varied and challenging workouts.

The CrossFit program, according to the CrossFit site, is a program that is designed for universal scalability, thereby making it as the perfect instrument for any individual who is committed notwithstanding their experience. There are routines for the different individual condition. The load and intensity are changed, but the program is not. This means that there is a particular workout routine that is prescribed in every day. Furthermore, instead of having one workout program for the older women and another workout program for the hardcore athletes, there is still one workout for each day, but this workout is completely scalable according to your skill. So, if you suffered from an injury, and you will not be able to do squats, you will be provided with a similar movement, and if should the number of the reps are already too many, then such will also be reduced. Your gradual increase in strength and experience will make you work your way towards doing the workouts according to what is prescribed.

Even though CrossFit can be done by everybody, this exercise cannot actually be fit for everybody. There are a few types of people wherein CrossFit can be perfect for them, these people are:

  • Those who are beginners to weight training – if you have not tried weight training before, then enrolling in a CrossFit program can be a great way for you to start.
  • Those who are looking for support and community – there is a certain appeal to CrossFit because there is a tight-knit community feel in every CrossFit gym.
  • Those who are fitness fanatics – there is just those type of people who love to work out every day. CrossFit is structured in a way that you are working out with regular consistency.

On the other hand, if you belong to these types of people, then CrossFit might not be what you seek:

  • Those who are specialists – one thing that CrossFit is proud of is that it does not specialize. This means, that if you are someone who is looking to specialize in something, enrolling in a CrossFit gym might not be able to give you the best results.
  • Those who are sport-specific athletes – if you are an athlete who is training for a particular sport, then you should look for a coach who is trained for that specific sport. Even though CrossFit can prepare you for everything, chances are, you might still not be able to improve a specific skill that is required for such sport unless your trainer is one who is an expert of such sport.
  • Those who are solo trainers – there are those people who prefer to work out alone, and if you are enrolled in a CrossFit gym, you might not have the opportunity to get stuff done on your own because CrossFit is a group training.

If you are wondering about the danger level in doing CrossFit pieces of training, the answer is that yes, CrossFit can be quite dangerous.

There are some of the situations wherein CrossFit can be dangerous, that is if you are in the wrong situation, or you are with the wrong coaches, and a person who has the wrong attitude.

  • In the middle of a CrossFit workout, you will often be told to complete a number of strength and endurance exercises, and you should be able to complete as many repetitions as possible in a certain time. So, if you do not have someone who will be spotting you or telling you to keep your form correct, then you can be in trouble.
  • CrossFit attracts a certain type of person and there are those who keep pushing themselves so hard that it might cause them some bodily harm.

Now, if you are interested to join a CrossFit class but you are not sure what you are entering yourself into, you can always evaluate if you should do CrossFit or not by availing of free classes by checking out gyms near you then find out the dates and time as to when they will be having classes for the newbies. Usually, CrossFit classes are structured:

  • By introduction classes – this is good for people who have never tried to do CrossFit before.
  • On-Ramps or Elements – if you decided to join a regular CrossFit class, then you will mostly like be required to go through the On Ramp/Elements course. This aims to teach the person all of the nine foundational movements of CrossFit and all about the proper form.
  • The regular classes – this might be what you usually see or hear. Regular CrossFit classes usually take about 45 minutes up to one hour. Everyone in the group will start at the same time, and there will be instructors who will walk around to help and keep track.

In the event that you are finally convinced that you want to enroll yourself in a CrossFit program, then you can start to look for good CrossFit gyms around your neighborhood. You can also check on their websites, and see if they offer good CrossFit programs. The CrossFit program is the most important element that you should check first because if you enrolled yourself in a gym which has an inexperienced coach, then such coach might accidentally program back-to-back workouts that will use the same muscle group which will not give you enough time to recover. Most of the CrossFit gym offers one free class, so you can use this to assess whether you really want to pursue the program or not.

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