Why consuming Tea is a healthy option and how to buy Tea Online


The humble cup of ‘Tea’ is a drink that is famous with every stratum of the society and it is over a cup of tea where many of you catch up with friends, enjoy the rain, and in some cases even make some important personal/professional decisions. If you are associated with an IT organization, a possibility is that you would have built a good rapport with your colleagues over a cup of tea. It is a known fact that India is the second largest producer of tea and it is also exported to many international countries. Darjeeling is a place that is known for its tea plantations, due to its awesome taste; Darjeeling Tea has the won the hearts of many tea lovers.

Apart from Darjeeling, tea from places like Assam and Nilgiri enjoy a huge fanfare. Some of the different varieties of tea are below:

  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • White Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • White Tea
  • Fermented Tea
  • CTC Tea

There are many inherent benefits of Tea consumption

  1. Consuming Green Tea reduces the risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. As per a medical report, consuming 1~3 teacups of Green Tea reduces the rate of having a heart attack by 20%.
  2. It also helps in weight reduction and keeps you fit & healthy.
  3. Consumption of tea also helps in protecting your bones.
  4. Tea contains anti-oxidants which help you to stay young and active with each passing day.

Since Tea contains less caffeine as compared to Coffee, it is much safer and healthier option. You might be a regular tea drinker but rarely would you have noticed the benefits of consuming tea. Tea lovers are very particular about the type & brand of tea they consume, Goodricke tea is a brand that has gained a lot of popularity. Consumers can order tea online from their website, some of the varieties of tea which they can order are:

  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Black CTC Tea
  • Boutique Tea
  • Bespoke Tea
  • Ready To Drink Tea

Along with ordering tea, tea lovers can also gift packaged tea from their online tea store to friends/relatives who want to enjoy the rich taste of Goodricke Tea. Customers have the option of buying Castleton Premium Tea Bags, Goodricke Tea Chest, Khaas Tea Bags, Khaas Tea Bags English Breakfast, and Roasted Tea Bags. You can also order the Goodricke Roasted Red Darjeeling Tea Gift Pack which contains 12 tea bags. Now that you know how to buy tea online, we look into the delivery charges. There is no delivery charge on the products shipped by Goodricke tea and Goodricke ensures that the best packaging standards are followed for shipping the items.

Next time you come across a friend who loves coffee, make sure that you share the advantages of consuming tea and we are sure that he would also join the ‘Tea Club’. If you are tea lover but unable to get the flavor that you like, make sure you log on to Goodricke and check out their extensive collection of tea & tea related products!

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