Why to Choose Canggu Nest for Fitness in Bali?


Searching for the fitness training classes in Bali, then Canggu Nest is the great platform where you can continue your fitness even in the weekends. If you need high quality and proper fitness environment, then this fitness center is best suitable for completing your workout. In their training classes, they include the full body training exercise which includes the Pushups, pull ups, bench press, squats, and shoulder press. They give the training classes of strength, cardio, interval and circuit training to the desired participant. The main focus is to provide the high-quality training so that you complete your fitness requirements. At their fitness center, you can train your body with the help of modern types of equipment and tools. So if you are on your weekends at Bali and don’t want to skip your fitness routines, then you can join the Canggu Nest fitness center in Bali.

Different types of training classes at Canggu Nest:

  • Strength: In the strength training class they will provide the complete workout for the body which includes the pull-ups, pushups, bench press and squats, etc. This type of training class is suitable for any level of fitness level. The coaches of this fitness center will keep track and movements on the participant, so feel free to join this fitness center.
  • TRX: This training program first introduced in the US Navy Seals. By joining this fitness training classes will bring you to the next level of strength training. In this workout routine, you have to train your body by using the TRX suspension and while using your own body weight. If you join this training program, it will build the power, increase strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and prevent the chance of injury. Once you start this training class, after that you cannot see the exercise life before. This training is suitable for every fitness level participant.
  • Interval training: If you want a training class which is a mixture of the cardio and strength training, then interval training class of the Canggu Nest is an ideal choice. In this training, you will do the cardio and strength training by using the types of equipment at the time of short and long intervals. It is best suitable for the every level of fitness so that they can find the next level during this workout routine.
  • Cardio: This training class is specially designed for the participant whose main purpose is to do the cardio and lose weight. Join this training class in the group environment and do a variety of group exercise with the partner and team workouts.
  • Boxing: In the boxing training it will enhance your boxing skills and also mix up with some strength training while using the body weight, core exercise, and cardio training is also included in this training program. The Canggu Nest functional small group fitness training classes in your weekend will give you the top-notch fitness experience.


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