Chiropractic Neck Care And Causes Of Neck Pain


What is chiropractic neck care?

The Greek word chiropractic is derived from cheir (hand) and praxis (action). This is a technique in which involve adjustment of joints and muscles. The hand action or massage by a practitioner is used to treat nerve, joint and muscle pain by adjustments. A controlled, sudden force is applied by hand which pushes the muscle beyond its defined range to loosen up the painful and immobile joint. For neck pain, these adjustments are termed cervical manipulation. The neck is twisted in a sharp manner to realign and snap the vertebrae in place. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for neck sprain and pain. Best chiropractors in Kennewick are available for chiropractic massage and other pain treatments.

Causes of Neck Pain:

Let’s have a detailed look at the causes of neck pain. The most common causes are discussed below

  1. There is a disease that reduces the flexibility and length of the disc making it stiff. This reduces in elasticity limit the movement of the disc causing pain. The pain runs along the entire length of the spine affecting neck as well. This is generally known as degenerative disc disease. If proper attention is not given, it causes the disc to herniate and bulge, making it worse.
  2. A whiplash is known to cause severe muscle pain. When your head or neck is suddenly moved in any direction with force, it results in rebound of the head in opposite direction called as whiplash. It damages the supporting tissue of the neck and surrounding structures. This sudden contracting, relaxing, and tightening of muscle results in pain and muscle fatigue. Severe whiplash is more frequent in car accident injuries and affects ligaments, intervertebral disc and joints, muscles and nerve root.
  3. When you grow older, various degenerative disorders like spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis (bone spur formation), damages your spine, resulting in neck pain.
  4. Your daily life practices play a major role in determining your neck health. Poor posture, weak muscles of abdomen and obesity, exerts pressure on the spine and often disturbs the balance of spine. Stress and emotional trauma as disrupts the balance. In chronic neck pain, postural stress has a major contribution, leading to neck and arm pain.


Precise cause identification leads you to outlook. Many forms of neck pain can be fixed by surgery and many forms are sorted by gradual rehabilitation and chiropractic neck pain.

Who are chiropractic practitioners and what do they do?

These practitioners are trained individuals. They diagnose the cause through physical examination and diagnostic tests. They don’t prescribe any pain-relieving medications rather they suggest exercise and give a massage. They have been trained to provide hands-on care to their clients and patients. They themselves evaluate the best possible solution depending on patient’s condition and needs. They use a multi-disciplinary approach and develop a comprehensive treatment strategy to carry out a management plan. They are not self-trained individuals but regulated health care professionals recognized worldwide.

If you’re having neck pain, AccidentChirowa Chiropractors will observe your posture, the range of neck motion, note the alignment, and curvature, will look for muscle spasm, test your reflexes, muscle strength and will give you a treatment accordingly.

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