Check If you are Suitable for Lasik Surgery  


LASIK surgery is helpful for those who had proper vision earlier but due to any eye defect or age, their vision has become blurred or irregular. When your cornea alignment is disturbed, the rays that fall on retina to give reflection of image are also disturbed. This results to burred or irregular vision. Astigmatism, myopia is some of the problems that are eye defects which have been cured by various doctors through laser therapy.

Michigan State in US is known for its bioresearch center. It is the biggest city with dense population. Advance technology and science has made its mark here. The famous Michigan Medical center is known because of its staff and well experienced physicians. Michigan Lasik surgery is 90% successful as they are done with advanced tools and equipment.

Not everybody qualifies for this laser therapy. There are some criteria that you need to fall in –

  • Patient must be above 18 years of age but that doesn’t mean all senior citizens also qualify for this surgery. There are certain eye injuries that cannot be corrected.

  • Any person undergoing this surgery shouldn’t have any kind of medical problem or disease like diabetes, collagen vascular or autoimmune disease.

  • In case of any medication beforehand, your doctor should be informed to avoid any further complications.

  • Candidate shouldn’t have any kind of eye disease like glaucoma, retinal problem, optic nerve disease, keratoconus, cataract or corneal problem. Such disease doesn’t let the laser therapy to be successful.

  • Ensure that you inform your surgeon about your past medical history like back problems etc. and if you had any kind of eye problem earlier. Other than that, any kind of mental problem or blood pressure fluctuation during surgery should be noted to them.

  • Pregnant ladies or those who are nursing their babies aren’t allowed to undergo this surgery as it can affect badly because during pregnancy or nursing, female’s body undergoes many hormonal imbalances.

  • If you have dry eyes, you should inform your doctor as they provide you eye drops that you have to put in your eyes for few days.

Doctors always recommend patients not to wear contact lenses few days prior to the surgery. This helps in keeping the cornea in place and vision doesn’t get disrupted.

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