What are the causes of early morning awakenings?


Getting up early in the morning out of nowhere can be a really frustrating thing. There are people who continue to suffer from these early morning awakenings and adding to the frustration is the inability to fall back to sleep. There are several reasons to it and medical science has been trying to cure it owing to its effects. Zopiclone 7.5mg and Modalert 200mg are used to treat early morning awakenings.

The reason why you get up early

There are several causes that have been identified that could be associated with early morning awakenings.

  • Insomnia – This is the primal reason for a person to experience early morning awakenings. Insomnia is characterized by difficulty in sleeping or sleeping for too long. A person suffering from insomnia might experience an irregular sleeping pattern throughout the night and more so, during the early morning. A chemical called adenosine is a sign for sleepiness that amalgamates within the brain. Throughout the time when the person is sleeping, the chemical is slowly washed off but in the case of Insomnia, the quantity of adenosine is too less and might get washed off soon to make the person get up early.
  • Depression and Anxiety – These two disorders, too, contribute to the waking up of an individual in the early hours of the day. The mood of a person greatly determines their sleeping pattern and someone suffering from depression or anxiety might experience early morning awakenings because of the constant bad mental state that the person is in.
  • Sleep Apnea – It is a breathing problem but affects the sleeping pattern of human beings. This occurs during the rapid eye movement or REM phase of the sleep which is the time where the person is dreaming and occurs right after deep sleep. At that point in time, a person is incapable of moving their muscles at will or based on the dream and is valid on both upper and lower halves of the body. Since this would make throat exposed to a situation of collapse, the person tends to wake up due to it. The disease also tends to go from bad to worse during this phase.
  • Aging and Circadian Rhythms – This is not just a single issue but a collection of disorders. They include the organic pertinence to waking up early, advanced sleep phase syndrome and the organic changes the body undergoes when it starts to age and therefore, affects the sleep. People who go early to bed and conditioned their body accordingly are also known to have suffered from early morning awakenings. Aging also depletes the human’s ability to sleep. The parts that ensure that the person is sleeping tend to age too and as a result do not function as well as they should. Advanced sleep phase syndrome causes the sleeping pattern to shift back by a few hours causing the person to get up early.

Therefore, the causes are many and if you feel you have been suffering from such a problem, you must consult a doctor.

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