Catch These Early Signs of Cataract Issues Before It’s Too Late


When it comes to our eyes, many people are unaware that issues develop over time. If a significant issue impacted our vision, we would think it would be immediately noticeable. Cataract Issues develop as we age, and many times, we are unaware of them.

Cataracts occur when the lens of our eye becomes cloudy from a buildup of protein. If left untreated, cataracts can impede your vision, even leading to blindness. Here are some symptoms you should look out for.

Unexpected Change In Vision

We expect our vision to change as we age, but swift alterations might be a sign of cataracts. If you suddenly can’t see clearly or have trouble driving at night, this could be the start of a problem.

Cloudy Vision

Cloudy vision can be the trademark symptom of cataracts. When you notice that you’re viewing the world as if you’re underwater, it may be time for cataract surgery. Blurriness can become worse over time, so don’t ignore it.

Seeing Double

Unless you bumped your head recently, double vision could be another early symptom of cataracts. Double vision in both eyes is related to significant health problems, but if you see more than one image in one eye, it is an issue with your lens.

Not The Bright Lights

Turning on a light after we wake up from a nap might be annoying, but when you have cataracts, the glare from bright lights can become painful.  You may also notice reading vision becoming affected.

Don’t Wait, See A Doctor

Cataracts is a severe eye condition you shouldn’t take lightly. Noticing these symptoms of cataracts can save your vision, but they also might protect your overall health.

Many of these issues can also be related to other health concerns. When in doubt, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor immediately.

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