Is Botox treatment helpful?


Botox treatment is done for cosmetic purposes, though they have found other applications in the field of medicine as well. Botox treatment is done with the help of injections containing botulinum toxin that can remove wrinkles and can even be used to cure Temporomandibular joint disorder or better known as TMJ. It is found that Botox injections can work up to 3-4 months after which the person again needs to take the injection.

Why is Botox treatment needed?

Before knowing that whether Botox treatment works appropriately and is safe or not, we need to understand why should Botox treatment be required and what are the benefits one can get from the treatment.

  • The botulinum toxin relaxes the face muscles and removes the first sign of ageing- wrinkles. It can be used for a cosmetic purpose.

  • Botox treatment can even be used for curing cervical dystonia where the neck muscles contract and the person finds it difficult to move his/her neck. Botox injections provide relief to the patient from the pain and the contraction.

  • Botox treatment can be helpful for people who suffer from severe migraine problems. The injections can help in reducing headaches caused due to such medical conditions.

  • People suffering from lazy eye, where the eye muscles cannot position the eye in the right position, can take Botox injections as part of the treatment.

Specific clinics use Botox treatment for many purposes like Botox in Maple Ridge, clinics use Botox treatment for dentistry purposes. Dentists use Botox injections to cure lockjaw or TMJ that can be of great relief for patients. Botox injections have found applications everywhere where the person suffers due to muscle contraction or some problem caused by the muscles. Certain risks are involved in this treatment and they are discussed below.


  • The patient can suffer from pain and swelling where the injection has been injected.
  • The person might have severe headaches.
  • There might be vision problems.
  • In most of the cases, the person suffers from a breathing problem or problem while eating or swallowing.

Though the risks stated above can be prevented if an experienced doctor does the treatment. A doctor who performs Botox in Maple Ridge, are experienced and have specific knowledge about the treatment. If a person consults an experienced doctor, then the treatment can be done without any side effects or risks. With such a possibility, the treatment might work for around 4 months before the person needs to retake Botox treatment. With regular injections, the symptoms of any disease that is occurring due to muscle contraction slowly start to heal. Botox treatment can be of great help in treating such diseases.

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