Blue Sapphire therapy to balance your Body and Mind


There are a total of seven gemstones which are known for their chakra healing powers and are also revered for colour therapy of the therapeutic sciences. Colour therapy using gems is an ancient holistic science which has been utilised for centuries.

One of the most critical gemstones used in colour therapy and the chakra healing therapy is the blue sapphire gemstone, popularly referred to as the ‘Neelam stone’ in India. This gemstone is believed to emit blue coloured rats which helps in creating a balance of the colour blue within the physical body of the wearer of the blue sapphire stone, while heals the wearer from ailments and diseases which can be caused by the disharmony and imbalance of the colour blue.

One needs to ensure they purchase and wear good quality natural blue sapphire gemstone to maximise the blue sapphire benefits, which include:

  • Healing Effects of Blue Sapphire

Colour therapy is considered as an ancient healing science, which aids in alleviating ailments and diseases which are caused due to disharmony of colour energies within the body.

The blue sapphire gemstone is a vital gemstone in the colour therapy and is utilised for healing ailments related to the sensory organs, the brain and the nervous system. The blue sapphire benefits can be correlated with its astrological benefits as well.

According to astrology, the blue sapphire stone is considered as one of the most potent gemstones and is beneficial for its therapeutic properties as well. The blue sapphire gemstone is known for drawing cosmic energies which are associated with the colour blue as it brings equilibrium within the human body.

Like many other colours, the colour blue influences multiple systems within the human body, especially the ones associated with controlling the activities of the brain as the brain is a representation of the spirit of an individual.

The blue sapphire gemstone is known to emit and transmit the necessary amount of blue coloured cosmic energy to the wearer, by filtering and modulating the required amount of blue energy. The Neelam stone is also known to eliminate all types of obstructions blocking the flow of energy or the life force related to the colour blue in our bodies.

It is vital to use blue sapphire gemstone which has does not have any flaws or inclusions and has a purity of colour to ensure proper filtration and saturation of the blue colour effectively.

  • Alleviating diseases using Blue Sapphire Stone

The therapeutic benefits of wearing a blue sapphire gemstone are countless. The blue sapphire benefits of filtering the blue colour energy are primarily related with the sensory organs, the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, the central nervous system, blood and vascular system. The blue sapphire stone is useful for healing ailments and diseases related to these organs within the human body.

Further, the Neelam stone is revered as the healer of the mind and spirit in the Vedic Astrology, as it considers the blue sapphire gemstone a useful gemstone to alleviate ailments such as mental fogging and stress.

The blue sapphire gemstone is also known for effective healing hearing and vision ailments, which are linked with the sensory organs. The Neelam stone is known for generating cosmic rays which energise the Ajna Chakra within the human body, which is linked with the pituitary glands.

Overall, the blue sapphire stone is a potent gemstone for colour therapy and chakra healing therapy, useful in improving creativity and mental clarity of the wearer. Hence, it is vital to ensure purchasing certified blue sapphire gemstones for best results when buying the gem for colour therapy.

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