Best Wrist Tendon Injury Exercises


Your wrist is a remarkable piece of your anatomy. It has incredible ability to move in many directions, and it enables you to be involved in any number of activities. Your wrist is filled with small bones and many tendons run through your wrist so your hand can perform various tasks. Your hand relies on your wrist for grasping tools, utensils for eating, playing sports, and many other tasks. When your wrist is affected by tendonitis, then you need some exercises to help rehab the wrist to get it back to normal. Here are the best wrist tendonitis exercises.

  1. Squeezing a rubber ball

You want your wrist to be strong. To get your wrist back to strength, you can squeeze a rubber ball and hold the squeeze for five seconds. You don’t have to perform many sets of this strengthening exercise. You only need to perform two sets of fifteen repetitions each.

  1. Side to side movement

You don’t need any equipment for this exercise. This exercise really helps get the wrist moving. Move your wrist in a side to side motion, much like a handshake. Keep the wrist in an extended position for five seconds. Perform two sets including fifteen repetitions for each set.

  1. Flexion

This exercise is another good motion exercise. In a gentle fashion bend your wrist forward. Hold that position for at least 5 seconds. Again, you will want to perform two sets of fifteen repetitions each.

  1. Stretching the wrist – wrist extension stretch

You want to be able to get your wrist moving and this is another good wrist movement exercise. The goal of this exercise is to stretch the wrist. To begin the exercise, stand in front of a table and place your hands flat on the table with the palms facing downward. Make sure your fingers are straight as well as your elbows. Now, lean your body forward, keeping the palms of your hands flat on the table. Hold this position for about fifteen seconds. Repeat this stretching process three times.

  1. Stretching the wrist – wrist flexion stretch

This exercise is similar to the wrist extension stretch, but really in the opposite direction. You will need to stand again in front of your table, but this time the backs of your hands will need to be flat on the table. This means the palms of your hands will be facing upward and your fingers will be pointing toward your body. This time you’re going to lean away from the table. You’ll need to hold this position between fifteen to thirty seconds and perform the entire exercise three times.

  1. Forearm supination and pronation

One of the best wrist tendonitis exercises you can perform is supination and pronation of the wrist. This simply means you are going to be turning the wrist. A great way to perform this exercise is to stand with your elbow bent at a ninety degree angle and kept to your side. Start the exercise by turning your palms facing up and holding for five seconds. Then, turn your wrist so that it is facing downward while keeping your elbows still bent at ninety degrees and to your side. Do this gently and hold this position for five seconds. Perform two sets of fifteen repetitions.

These are the best wrist tendonitis exercises you can perform to help rehab your wrist and get it back to the point where you can use your wrist without pain.

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