Uncertainties and unanticipated events in life make us feel vulnerable at times. But there are instances where people overcome all such events like a full-fledged fierce fighter!

Health insurance today is not a choice now, but rather a necessity. A good health insurance policy never fails to equip you to confront any sort of medical emergency. Amongst a myriad of health insurance companies in our country, Star Health Insurance is regarded as one of the most sought-after insurance providers.

Undoubtedly, Star Health Insurance continues to attract potential policyholders with its innovative plan structure and easy-to-opt features. Plans are available for individuals, families, children, senior citizens and college students.

Moreover, with the tag of ‘first standalone’ insurance company, Star Health Insurance has received various awards and accolades for worthy service in the health insurance marketplace; some of them being the ‘Claims Service Company of the year’, ‘Best Claim settlement Process Company’ and ‘Health Insurance Company Of the Year.

Some of the benefits of choosing Star Health Insurance are:

  • Lack of middlemen and agents to carry out claim settlement. They offer direct-in-house settlements.
  • Hassle-free, fast and free health insurance claim settlement.
  • Reimbursement and immediate cashless hospitalization in more than 8400+ network hospitals in the country.
  • Personalized hospital visits for the potential customers who get hospitalized.

Is buying health insurance a luxury?

Before answering this question, let us ponder over the fact of how the common man has never been proactive during uncertainties. This is actually a flaw when we consider all the financial liabilities one has to encounter during medical emergencies.

Having said this, there is an answer to the question raised above.

It’s quite clear that with the rise in lifestyle diseases, and inflation in medical prices, being secured with insurance is not a luxury but rather a necessity. One can never arrange a lump sum amount all at once. Hence, acquiring health insurance is a must these days! But luckily, people have realized how it is never an investment but instead, works as a a protection.

How to compare and find the best deals on health insurance?

With the advancements in technology, it has become easier to obtain things quickly. Moreover, one can find the best deals with the tap of a finger. There are no middlemen or agents to fool or betray you. You are the sole person to make a wise decision without anyone’s aid.

Have a look at the following factors when you compare policies to find the best deal for you:

  •    Sum Insured

One needs to plan for their financial needs and affordability. Hence that the sum insured is good enough to meet all financial needs. Once this amount has been figured out, narrow down only those policies that offer this amount.

  •    Premium amount

This is the affordable amount you are asked to pay on a regular basis until the maturity of the term. You can compare all those policies on the basis of the premium amount and choose the one which is affordable to you.

  •    Room rent limit

Make sure that your insurer has network hospitals in your locality. If not, then it is not worthy.

  •    Premium Vs Coverage:

Try to find a proportionality between the sum insured and premium paid. As per your needs, focus on choosing add-ons.

  •    Cashless claim facility

Try choosing those companies that provide cashless claim facility.

  •    Additional benefits

Always keep improving the scope, coverage and benefits of the comprehensive plans by seeking add-ons.

  •    Renewability

This is one of the most crucial factors while choosing the best deal. Prioritize the companies that provide the facility of lifelong renewals.

  •    Entry age

This, in fact, is another prime factor for those who seek a family floater plan. Never forget to look for the maximum age of entry for your dependent children or parents.

  •    Tax benefits

One of the most important features of comparison is the tax benefits offered by the companies. Check for those companies that help you add riders to your plan and customize the same. More the bonus and tax benefit, more will be your saving and the amount you receive after the maturity period.

Let’s bid goodbye to all our anticipations and worries regarding medical emergencies, since we can now safeguard ourselves with Health Insurance policies. Star health insurance is the best option when it comes to safeguarding your health and finances.

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