Benefits of intake of cbd product



At present and due to the market demand, many companies have emerged that are engaged in CBD marketing in various formats, with very different functions for the human body.

One of the first things I want to point out is that Cannabidiol does not have an immediate effect on the organism (unlike THC), so we must consume it for several days (like the extracts of any other plant) so that It sits in the organism and we begin to notice its effects.

There are several ways to consume CBD like in form of cbd pills. All these products so that their sale is legal in Europe, cannot have psychoactive effects, so they can not contain THC. There are some that have such a low concentration that they do not reach illegality (we are talking about THC concentrations below 0.2%).

One of the most common ways to consume it is through cbd capsules, which can have up to 10mg per capsule.

These capsules combine the effect of Cannabidiol in the body with extracts from other plants, depending on the problem we want to treat we must choose one or the other capsules (normally all are made with extracts of pure plants, so they are 100% biological).

They are used as a food supplement for our daily lives, so we should not substitute them for meals or cure diseases, but they can help to take them better.

Many of these capsules in addition to this component of cannabis and plant extract may also contain vitamins, which will help our body to function finer and the rest of the extracts will assimilate much better.

Depending on the problem we want to help treat, these capsules can help us:

  • Sleep and rest better (combining with extract of lavender, lemon balm, valerian, hops or passionflower).
  • Decrease anxiety problems (combining with extract of lavender, lemon balm, valerian, hops or passionflower)
  • Improve our concentration (combining with American ginseng extract, ginko biloba or lemon balm).
  • Improve digestion (combining with extract of chamomile, rosemary, milk thistle or artichoke).
  • Relieve muscular pains (combining with extract of cat’s claw, acerola, willow bark or horsetail).

Some of the most complete hemp oil pills are those of Natureight, whose extracts are obtained by extraction with suprecritic CO2 (slowly at low temperature). They also have a wide range of different formulas combined with several vitamins.

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