The Benefits of Glo Yoga Online Classes



The Importance of Keeping Your Body Flexible

Keeping your body flexible is important because stretched muscles will achieve a full range of motion more easily than tight muscles. According to Harvard Medical School, activities that stretch and lengthen muscles, such as yoga, enhance relaxation and improve balance. When yoga is practiced correctly, it offers numerous benefits that include increased lung capacity, a positive effect on memory, and improved posture.

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you have a busy schedule. However, yoga online allows you to reap the same benefits of attending a yoga class at a studio. If you want to try yoga, but you are worried that school, family, friends, and other obligations would make it hard for you to get to the studio, then yoga online could be for you.

What are the Benefits of Online Yoga?

There are many advantages to practicing yoga online, which include:

Online Yoga is Versatile

Online yoga classes let you pick the time of day to practice. The freedom that online yoga provides enables morning birds and night owls to roll out the mat when they please. It can also be beneficial when you are traveling. If you take your laptop, then you have the opportunity to meditate or practice in your hotel room.

There are a Variety of Online Yoga Classes

Online yoga lets you browse through a broad range of programs and classes. You can focus on different styles, listen to guest lectures, and participate in a workshop through online yoga.

Its More Comfortable

Online yoga classes can be more comfortable for those who are self-conscious about being around others in a studio and prefer the privacy of their own home. It is also beneficial for those who find it difficult to focus in a room full of people at the studio.

Online Yoga at Glo

Glo online yoga classes comply with the Yoga Alliance continuing education categories. The faculty at Glo provide their members with a curriculum that integrates lecture, demonstration, meditation, and asana.

A Broad Range of Courses and Programs

Yoga online classes at Glo are versatile with classes at every level. You have a full spectrum of programs to choose from at Glo. These programs are a series of classes led by inspiring experts who are dedicated to helping members achieve their goals. Glo offers specialized yoga classes for runners, cyclists, and women. You can take advantage of 3,000 videos that cover 12 different styles that include:

  • Ashtanga;
  • Hatha;
  • Iyengar;
  • Kundalini;
  • Partner Yoga;
  • Prenatal;
  • Postnatal;
  • Restorative;
  • Tao Yin;
  • Vinyasa Flow;
  • Yin;
  • Yoga Conditioning.

Popular programs at Glo include Prenatal Happy Back, Staying Power, Detox for Health & Happiness, and Navigating Menopause. Glo’s popular classes include Slow and Stretchy, Enter the Flow State, Anytime Twisting Flow, Natural Caffeine Flow, and Nervous System Reboot.


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