All About Cauliflower


Cauliflower, we tend to forget it, always thinking of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and potatoes. And how is it an unknown or little-studied area – in terms of everyday life – we only think about three or four ways of preparing them that we like, we taste them, we get excited, we get bored, and we return to the hamburger with french fries.

Eating foods based on cauliflower bouquets can be a challenge, yes. But above all, because our creativity is limited and we sometimes forget that the internet is on our side.

There are recipes such as buffalo cauliflower florets, which resembles the well-known buffalo wings in texture, smell, appearance, and flavor. What can represent an easy way to start this change and a creative way to prepare and eat the cauliflower.

And this same recipe can be prepared according to your tastes or needs. If you prefer fried foods, you can make them in this way by preparing them like traditional buffalo wings. You can try preparing the air fryer buffalo cauliflower, you can try to make them baked also and in any of these ways offer them as snacks in a meeting or taste them watching a football game like popcorn.

And you can even try the buffalo cauliflower casserole to offer to your family as a main dish for a family dinner.

All these options cheer up your probiotics as well as your palate, and the only thing you need to prepare them is a cauliflower head, some ingredients that you find in the market and a little creativity and initiative.I

what you are looking for is a healthier diet and you have reached the Internet full of doubts, you should have in your head a lot of opinions crossed at this time about what you should or should not eat.

And surely, being such a trend currently handled, you have read or heard about prebiotics and probiotics and you have to be wondering what all this mess is about – and maybe you can be a little dazed about it -.

The first point to clarify, the differences between one and the other.

Sometimes we read articles with few bases saying that one is different or confusing your readers about what is happening with them.

I explain probiotics are supplements that are found in our intestinal flora that contain live microorganisms and are mostly made up of bacteria and whose benefits include both avoiding gastrointestinal diseases and protecting our intestines as such.

It happens that our digestive tract is responsible for absorbing or processing 98% of the elements that enter our body, therefore, most of our immune or defense system is centered in this area.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are all those foods that serve as a “motivator” or driver that those probiotics can grow properly in our intestine maintaining and restore our intestinal flora properly.

In the last decade, medicine and alternative nutrition have paid real attention to this pair of elements, as well as to look for the foods that favor their development and correct functioning.

Some of the reasons are the number of diseases in which probiotics can be implemented as a treatment or as a complement to it.

These range from psychological up to eating disorders and, for the most part, they are quite common diseases caused by the levels of stress that our current environment entails, added to the bad eating and sleeping habits that we have carried with us for decades.

Includes all types of intestinal inflammatory diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea constipation, anxiety and mood disorders, attention deficit, autism spectrum, diabetes, overweight, obesity, respiratory allergies, food, and eczema, recurrent gynecological and urological infections and side effects of antibiotics and other medications.

In addition, they are used as an immunostimulant treatment to keep our defenses active in the intestinal area.

And surely you’re wondering, knowing this, how do I keep those good bacteria happy? Where do I get prebiotics for them? In what market do they buy?

Well, in vegetables, of course.

If something is clear, the processed food, scrap and meats do not contribute too much to our body – well, not too many positive things -.

That is why vegetables are our best ally when it comes to changing our eating habits and seeking to eat healthier.

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