8 Best Massage Types for Releasing Stress




Although, there are diverse strategies that help you relax, yet, massage is one expressly and wittingly designed to relieve stress. There are numerous techniques involved in a message that accomplishes the release of tension pent up in the muscle of the body via a significantly backed method of massage therapists healing hands and therapeutic touch.


You should be informed that there are many different types of massages available today with each having their different goals, methodology and style. But there is one unique thing about them all – they can alleviate muscle tension, relieved stress and bring you to a state of peace and tranquility.


Want one for yourself? Have a look at the eight best massage types that are ideal for your body and overall well being.



  • Shiatsu Massage:


This is a Japanese style of a massaging therapy that incorporates particular pressure and touch into the techniques. In shiatsu massage, the force is exerted by the use of fingers, thumbs and palms to specific meridians of the body.



  • Swedish Massage:


This style of massage is prominent, active and gentle and comes with result every time it’s applied. This is done by administering taps, muscle lifts, mild stroke and chopping motions to the upper layers of muscles.



  • Watsu Massage:


This type is a combination of both hydrotherapy and shiatsu. This method uses both water and pressure to massage off stress. Furthermore, the process involves the placing of you and the massage therapist inside a relaxing pool of water that is about 3-5 feet deep.



  • Aromatherapy Massage:


Most clients that hire Vie Fitness And Spa Ann Arbor rate this among one of the most enjoyed massage therapy. Clients experience a soothing massage which is accompanied by one scented essential oils. To enticed various feelings and emotions that heal stress and fatigue.



  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy:


If you walk about with profound stress in your muscle, then you need to opt-in for this type of massage as it will prove to be the best option. This type of message relieves severe stress and tension within both the connecting tissue and the muscles.



  • Lymph Massage:


This is another type of massage that’s done to target the lymphatic system which happens to be one of the body’s most important mechanisms. This massage type is compassionate and is useful for clients with chronic fatigue, joint pain and arthritis.



  • Healing Touch:


That’s pretty a funny massage name, right? Yeah. Well, this type is used explicitly by trained nurses who work with some of their patients fighting several ailments. It administers a touch that is calm and reassures the ailing patients and the healthcare providers.



  • Balinese Massage:


This massage type incorporates some gentle techniques that help you feel calm and relaxed throughout the procedure and, lasting hours afterwards. Kneading, skin folding, stroking, Balinese hot stone, and application of various degrees of pressure are techniques used to relieve stress and relax muscles.

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