5 Ways for Men to Improve Sexual Performance


The majority of men, who were diagnosed erectile dysfunction, try various methods of potency restoration. The first thing that comes to mind is ED drugs (by the way, you may find out more about them at http://www.drugs-med.com) but are there any other ways of improving your sexual performance? Follow us to learn about 5 best methods of boosting your performance in bed without medications.

1.Make the right food choices

It’s no secret that certain food products can help erectile dysfunction and increase your sex drive. To make your intimacy durable and bring you all spectrum of positive emotions add to your menu: nuts, broccoli, eggs, fatty fish, spinach, garlic, lean meat and dark chocolate. These foods improve the health of your blood vessels and normalize blood circulation. Some of them work as aphrodisiacs and increase your libido.

2.Have enough of sleep

Men’s health is especially dependent on the quality and the duration of night rest. The reasons hide in testosterone production, which is most active in the phases of deep sleep. If a man sleeps less than 7-8 hours or suffers from sleep disorders, his body may secrete less testosterone than it is needed for a healthy erection. Some signs of low testosterone are mood changes, sexual problems, hair loss, etc.

3.Don’t be lazy

Aerobic physical exercises have a positive effect of cardiovascular system. Regular workouts won’t only make you more durable in bed, but also improve the condition of your blood vessels making your erections stronger.

4.Drop your bad habits

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking have a devastating effect on your blood vessels. They damage the walls of the arteries giving way to the development of atherosclerosis, which may also influence the blood supply to the penis. Besides, large amounts of alcohol act as the CNS depressant and slows down all body reactions including sexual arousal.

5.Experiment in bed

It may sound weird, but usual sex may be boring. To wake up your libido, you may try various sex toys or role games in bed (if your partner doesn’t mind, of course). They will bring new experiences to your sexual life.

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