5 Ways You Can Boost Your Child’s Energy


Finally, spring is here! The weather is finally getting warm again which means the soccer season is also gradually coming back. This is also the time your kids need their full energy to spare on the field. If your child continually complains of lack of energy, it may prevent him from leveling up both in the classroom and also on the soccer field. As a mother, it is your responsibility to make sure your child has the whole energy he needs to be happy with his mates.

Below are some ways you can boost your child’s energy and make him happy during the warm season.

#1: Ensure your kids get enough sleep

To make sure your child has optimum energy he requires, you also need to make sure he gets enough sleep and a regular bedtime. Making sure your child has a regular bedtime will make it easier for him to fall asleep and get enough sleep he needs.

#2:  Give him balanced diets

Your child needs foods high in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and calcium to keep them fueled throughout the day. This often starts from the breakfast you give your child at the beginning of the day. Don’t skip their breakfast but ensure he has a balanced diet. Even if he is not feeling hungry, ensure he takes something before leaving home, even if it’s a banana or an apple. Pack a little extra food in his lunch bag and add some snacks too.

#3:  Make sure he always stay hydrated

Give your children enough water. I say again, give him water! Avoid sugary drinks on game day. You can just keep it for snack time when the game is over.

#4: Vitamin D is important

It has been proven in many research and findings that vitamin D helps to boost energy levels. The truth is that we have more drive to get things done on a beautiful sunshine day compared to when it’s all gloomy and dark. So make sure your child gets enough exposure to sunlight but ensure you keep it moderate. Too much exposure is also dangerous.

#5: Give him vitamins

Giving gummy vitamins to your child is a great way to get him tricked into getting enough nutrient he needs. However, it becomes pointless if these vitamins are loaded with sugar. So carefully choose your child’s vitamins and supplement to help him get the energy he or she needs. You can trust some companies like SynerG suppléments when it’s time for you to get his vitamins and supplements.

Your child needs to stay active and lively all day, and it is your responsibility to make that happen.


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