5 Facts Your Eye Doctor Wants You to Know  


When was the last time you went to the eye doctor? If you are like most adults, it’s probably been too long. As you make plans for your next eye doctor appointment, take a look at these important facts that any eye doctor would want you to know.

  1. Your Glasses Don’t Weaken Your Eyes

Have you ever heard that your glasses will weaken your eyes? If you’ve been avoiding wearing them because you have heard this myth, rest easy. The only thing your glasses will do to your eyes is improve how well they can see. Most people need new glasses every one to two years in their childhood or adolescence, and older adults can go longer between new pairs. Signs that it’s time to visit an eye doctor for a new glasses prescription include blurred vision, difficulty reading either books or street signs, or increased headaches.

  1. Send Your Kids Outside for Their Eye Health

Every good parent knows that kids should be reading, but what they may not know is reading can increase the risk of nearsightedness. Yet there’s no need to worry. Similar studies have shown that sending the kids outside to play reduces this risk, as reported by Scientific American. So, if your kids balance their time between reading and active outdoor play, you will help balance the risk.

  1. Never Wear your Contacts to Bed

Yes, your contact lenses may say they are extended wear, but ask any eye doctor Middletown NY has, and you will hear that this is never a good idea. Sleeping in contacts increases the risk of infection, dry eye problems, and complications from contact lens wearing. Some of these complications can put your sight at risk, so take them out at night.

  1. Makeup Can Be Dangerous

If your mom ever told you that you could go blind from not washing off your mascara, she wasn’t far from the truth. The debris from makeup can get trapped under the outer layer of the eye, which can cause irritation and damage. The makeup brushes can slip and scratch your cornea. That doesn’t mean you should never wear makeup, but do use caution when wearing it to wash it well. Also, consider applying makeup at home and not in a moving car.

  1. Sunglasses Are More than Just a Fashion Statement

Sunglasses actually provide critical protection for your eyes from damaging UV rays. Wear them year-round for the best protection against cataracts and macular degeneration, which occur due to UV ray exposure.

If it’s time for your trip to the eye doctor Middletown NY has many excellent ones to choose from. Before you go, make sure you are aware of these important facts so you can make the most out of your eye health.

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