5 Common Challenges Faced with Children Who Wear Glasses


It is never an easy experience having to wear Blue Light Glasses in your childhood. What with all the bullying, mocking, and stuff like that. The derogatory idea of seeing yourself in glasses, four eyes, can sometimes look really ridiculous. Frankly, even a stupid term as that. However, glasses don’t necessarily have to be characterized as degrading to the person that wears them. If anything, the children that wear them ought to think of them as accessories, like the cute bracelets on their wrists and piercings. Only that, unlike these pieces of jewelry, glasses are a necessary accessory. Ones that are vital for use. But then, you still find that people, especially the kids, get teased for wearing them. Sometimes, the glass wearers don’t have any choice but to wear the Blue Light Glasses, guys.

Nobody can help it if they have bad eyesight than yours. Some kids have been wearing glasses since the time they were in grade school. Children that have no option but to put glasses on face numerous challenges. This article provides you with five common challenges that children that wear glasses have to face every day.

  • Switching

By this, we mean switching from the regular prescription glasses to the prescription sunglasses. That is why it is always nice that we wear contacts and have to worry only about sunglasses. However, if you are not in the mood to wear the contacts or don’t have any, then switching can always be a pain in the neck. At times, it is best that you halt in your tracks, switch and work out how best to adjust to the new glasses. Kids have their famous shares of infamous times of the ‘switching’ process which can be especially traumatizing. The transition from one pair of glasses to another isn’t an easy process. However, it is one that can be necessary at times. And so, if need be, needs to be as smooth as possible. As mentioned earlier, this can be an especially traumatizing time for kids. One that the afflicted kids need to have their family and friends supporting them through.

  • Water

People with glasses also tend to develop a love/hate kind of relationship with water. Therefore, if you didn’t think that you could ever despise water, wait until you have glasses. Sure, everyone loves water, especially when it comes to activities like sporting events or supposing you wake up to a dry throat in the night. But then, what happens when you get caught in the rain with your pair of glasses? Or maybe you get sprayed with lawn sprinklers with your glasses on. It can be quite a devastating and frustrating experience. Having to wipe off the wet glasses off your face using your shirt or sweater to clean the glasses. So, if you have perfect eyes, you ought to be entirely grateful for them. Not having to worry about blurred visions by water specks every time water gets to your glasses and stuff like that.

  • When the glasses slide down your nose

Primarily, this can be as a result of having loose lenses which may need a little adjusting which ought to be done by a professional. But even so, sometimes, even if the lenses are tight enough, you may still find them sliding down your nose especially when you look downwards for too long. For example, think of that time when you are thinking too hard or staring at the exam papers in class for too long then such a thing happens. It can be as annoying as hell and really distracting too. Even if you have the coolest shades or sunglasses in the neighborhood, they are bound to slide down your nose whenever you stare down at something for too long. And face it, you cannot live the rest of your life without having to look down every once in a while. Say you dropped something, it is you who is going to have to bend over and pick it up.

  • You look weird without your glasses

This may probably be one of the most popular statements kids with glasses hear every time they don’t have them on. It is an especially common comment from the non-glass wearers. As if the ‘four eyes’ nickname wasn’t bad enough, this comment must definitely make it to the top of the list. However, one fact is true. Glasses or not, we are no different from one another. It might look a little strange at first. Having to see your colleague with Blue Light Glasses on. However, it is essential to note that even these guys are human. And that they would really appreciate it if they weren’t treated any differently or shouted at for being odd whenever they took their glasses off for a moment.

  • Being forgetful about where you placed them last

Having to carry your glasses with you everywhere you go can sometimes be quite a hectic experience. Think about all the times you misplaced your glasses and had to search pathetically for them. And it gets much worse when you were looking for the glasses when they are right there, next to you. And this happens a lot. Most people would argue that this challenge depends on how bad your eyesight actually is without your lenses. At times, it is very easy just to forget where you placed the darn glasses. It gets especially frustrating when you misplace them yet you really need them. Think waking up in the middle of the night and can’t find your glasses. It can be extremely obnoxious like if you want to get out of bed for some reason and need your vision to move about.

Final thoughts

This article isn’t meant to discourage anyone from having or wearing glasses. It is only meant to sympathize with the folks that have to put up with wearing glasses on a daily basis. Plus, for the record, it is also vital to note that there isn’t anything that you ought to be ashamed of for having to wear Blue Light Glasses. If anything, you should be proud of them as they give you a unique personality from the rest of your peers.

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