13 Tips When Choosing a Surrogate Mother Who Will Carry Your Baby


Some women know in their hearts that it is their destiny to become mothers. Unfortunately, there are some who have to go through many trials and speed bumps to conceive only to find out they themselves cannot carry their baby to term. This is where talks of surrogacy and working with a gestational carrier Raleigh based clinic starts and one of the first steps is to look for a surrogate.
As parents, choosing the right surrogate to carry your child is a big decision. Here are a few tips to consider when making this life-changing decision:

  • Work With a Fertility Clinic

First and foremost, always work with a gestational carrier Raleigh partner instead of finding a surrogate on your own because fertility clinics have the resources that you do not have access to.

  • Overall Health

The surrogate mother-to-be has to be in excellent health and must be medically and mentally cleared for the surrogacy.

  • BMI

BMI or body mass index should be above the normal range for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Age Range

While it is common for parents to be to ask for young and healthy surrogates, age might not play a major factor in carrying a child to term. Keep in mind that with gestational surrogacy, your own eggs are used, so the age of the surrogate isn’t that big of a deal.

  • Pregnancy History

It is best to choose a surrogate who has had at least one successful pregnancy as this indicates they have the experience necessary to care for your child while inside their womb.

  • Delivery History

Be sure to also check how the surrogate delivered during her past pregnancy. Typically it is ideal for the surrogate to have no more than three cesarean sections or no more than five vaginal births.

  • Her Location

The closer the location of the surrogate to you and the clinic, the better. If they are too far this may complicate future appointments.

  • Surrogate’s Lifestyle

Parents to be should consider the type of lifestyle the surrogate lives. Do you prefer someone active or someone more laid back and relaxed?

  • Criminal Background

Always request for a full criminal background check for your choice of surrogate before proceeding with the surrogacy.

  • Relationship Status

Although this might seem too personal and irrelevant women who have the support of their partner tend will have an easier time carrying and caring for your child.

  • Legal Issues

Make sure to double check on the local surrogacy laws as they vary from state to state. Consult with your fertility clinic and lawyer about these laws if you are unsure about how to proceed.

  • Relationship with Surrogate

As part of the legal issues, it is best to state outright and from the very beginning what you expect the relationship of the surrogate mother to your child will be in the future. This is to avoid complications as your child grows up.

  • Other Expenses

Have it written and signed in legal documents what extra expenses you are required to pay. This will help you make sure the surrogate is well-cared for, without being duped into paying for more.
A gestational carrier Raleigh allows one to help build families. If you are looking for one or want to become one, it will be best to speak with a fertility specialist in Raleigh.

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